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BILL HALEY 'Rock Around the Clock' LP

CATLP236   Fat Cat   2021

A1 (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock 2:09
A2 Shake, Rattle And Roll 2:28
A3 Rip It Up 2:25
A4 Razzle Dazzle 2:42
A5 Birth Of The Boogie 2:13
A6 Rudy's Rock 2:38
A7 Dim, Dim The Lights 2:32
A8 Rock The Joint 2:16
B1 See You Later, Alligator 2:44
B2 R-O-C-K 2:18
B3 Skinny Minnie 2:59
B4 Don't Knock The Rock 2:19
B5 Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie 2:19
B6 Mambo Rock 2:37
B7 Burn That Candle 2:44
B8 Rockin' Through The Rye 2:06

Bill Haley may have hailed from the United States, but to Britain’s Fifties teenagers he was the man of the moment. Elvis Presley was never to make it to the United Kingdom (save a stopover at Prestwick Airport) but the Rock Around The Clock hitmaker and former Country Singer once billed as ‘Yodeling’ Bill Haley was more than happy to preach the Rock’n’Roll gospel to Britain in person. Rock Around The Clock was, of course, used as the theme song of 1955’s hit movie Blackboard Jungle, and had proved the soundtrack to much jiving in the aisles – not to mention ripping-up of cinema seats by teddy boys. September 1956 saw Haley and his Comets claim five places in the UK Top 20 in a single week. We’ve included all Haley’s UK hits, from 1955’s entries Mambo Rock and Rock A Beatin’ Boogie’ all the way through to 1957’s Don’t Knock The Rock.



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BILL HALEY 'Rock Around the Clock' LP

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