China Crisis 'What Price Paradise' 3 CD Set (2022)

China Crisis 'What Price Paradise' 3 CD Set (2022)

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What Price Paradise was the fourth studio album by China Crisis. It was released 1986 and charted in the album top 75 of that year.

The band collaborated with producers Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley (who worked with Madness) on the album which included the first single "Arizona Sky", A second single "Best Kept Secret", made UK No. 36 in early 1987 and reached the Top 20 in Spain and Ireland.

Like fellow Liverpudlians O.M.D., China Crisis began life as a synthetic duo who performed brilliantly executed pop songs with quirky edges. And like O.M.D., they seamlessly mixed their love of guitar-based pop with (then) modern musical technology.

This 3-CD deluxe version was produced with the full co-operation of that band who prided new interviews to Record Collector’s Daryl Easlea for the booklet. The set contains many bonus tracks, including unheard demos from the band. The whole set has been remastered from original tapes by Andy Pearce. The booklet contains many rare photos and memorabilia from the time.


DISC ONE: What Price Paradise

  1. It's Everything

  2. Arizona Sky

  3. Safe As Houses

  4. Worlds Apart

  5. Hampton Beach

  6. The Understudy

  7. Best Kept Secret

  8. We Do the Same

  9. June Bride

  10. A Day's Work for The Dayo's Done


  1. Trading In Gold - Jap Bonus Track

  2. Arizona Sky - Single Edit

  3. The Instigator - Italian Fuzzbox Version

  4. Little Italy - B-Side

  5. Best Kept Secret - Prod Andy Partridge

  6. Worlds Apart - Pete Walsh / Strawberry South Sessions

  7. Arizona Sky - 4trk home demo

  8. Safe as Houses - 4trk home demo

  9. Trading in Gold - 4trk home demo

  10. Best Kept Secret - 4trk home demo

DISC THREE: Liverpool Empire - 1987

  1. Arizona Sky

  2. Strength Of Character

  3. Black Man Ray

  4. Worlds Apart

  5. We Do the Same

  6. Best Kept Secret

  7. Soul's Awakening

  8. June Bride

  9. The Understudy

  10. It's Everything

  11. Hanna Hanna

  12. King In a Catholic Style (Wake Up)

  13. Working With Fire and Steel

  14. African And White

  15. Wall Of God

  16. Wishful Thinking

  17. Christian