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Indies Exclusive Transparent Blue Coloured VINYL LP

Recorded throughout 2023 at the band’s home studios, Migration Studios in Gloucestershire, The Dairy in London and mixed at the band’s facility at Blueprint Studios, Salford, the album marks a significant step change for the group following 2021’s ‘Flying Dream 1’. 

In the words of lead singer and lyricist Guy Garvey, ‘AUDIO VERTIGO’ was built from ‘gnarly, seedy grooves created by us playing together in garagey rooms’ and is both more direct and sonically varied by purpose that its predecessor. 

The album includes the lead single Lovers’ Leap.

Side A: 

1. Things I’ve Been Telling Myself for Years

2. Lovers’ Leap

3. (Where Is It?)

4. Balu

5. Very Heaven

6. Her to the Earth

Side B:

1. The Picture

2. Poker Face

3. Knife Fight

4. Embers of Day

5. Good Blood Mexico City

6. From the River


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ELBOW 'AUDIO VERTIGO' Ltd Indies Exclusive Transparent Blue Coloured VINYL LP (2024)