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RELEASED 28th April 2023



Covering the period 1971-90 this lavish 8CD set anthologises Lindisfarne’s BBC output as never before.

· One of the UK’s most successful folk-rock bands of the 70s live at the BBC

· More than eight hours of recordings, over half previously unreleased

· Compiled by Colin Harper with Lindisfarne founder members Rod Clements, Ray Jackson & Ray Laidlaw · Restored & remastered for best sound quality by Martin Stansbury

· Photo laden booklet includes an authoritative essay by Chris Charlesworth

Formed in the culturally distinct Tyneside area of England’s North-East in 1968, Lindisfarne blended the mercurial song writing talent of singer/guitarist Alan Hull with ‘sweet and sour’ harmonies, proud references to their homeland and a boozy, uplifting acoustic-rock swagger that won over the masses in Britain in the early 70s. Their first three albums – Nicely Out Of Tune (1971), Fog On The Tyne (1972) and Dingly Dell (1973) – all went Top 10, with Fog On The Tyne hitting No.1. Two singles also went Top 10 in the UK: ‘Meet Me On The Corner’ (written by bassist/violinist Rod Clements) and ‘Lady Eleanor’ (written by Hull). For three years, Lindisfarne shone brightly, creating a kind of folk-rock that was completely their own, with traditional music icing the visceral core of Alan Hull’s socially and ecologically informed songcraft, like the Beatles with Bob Dylan, some mandolins, and a crate of Newcastle Brown Ale. The band split in late 1973, with Hull and singer/mandolinist Ray Jackson forming Lindisfarne Mk II (1974-75). In 1978, on the back of hugely successful Christmas reunion concerts at Newcastle City Hall, Lindisfarne Mk I were reborn with a triumphant Top 10 single ‘Run For Home’. The band continued, until Hull’s untimely death in 1995. Rod Clements leads the current 50th anniversary touring incarnation, featuring Alan Hull’s son-in-law Dave Hull-Denholm on vocals/guitar. In 2021, BBC4 broadcast the acclaimed documentary Lindisfarne’s Geordie Genius: The Alan Hull Story, presented by Sam Fender. 

Disc: 1

1 Scarecrow Song
2 Nothing But the Marvellous Is Beautiful
3 Why Can't I Be Satis_Ed?
4 We Can Swing Together
5 From My Window
6 Winter Song
7 January Song
8 Walkin' Blues
9 Turn a Deaf Ear
10 January Song
11 Meet Me on the Corner
12 Jackhammer Blues
13 Train in G Major
14 I'm Coming Home
15 Knacker's Yard Blues
16 Lady Eleanor
17 City Song
18 Train in G Major
19 Fog on the Tyne
20 Scotch Mist

Disc: 2

1 John Peel Intro
2 City Song
3 John Peel Intro
4 Train in G Major
5 John Peel Intro
6 Lady Eleanor
7 John Peel Intro
8 Fog on the Tyne
9 John Peel Intro
10 Knacker's Yard Blues
11 John Peel / Rod Clements Intro
12 We Can Swing Together
13 John Peel / Ray Jackson Intro
14 Together Forever [Inc DJ Outro]
15 No Time to Lose
16 John Peel Intro
17 January Song [Inc DJ Outro]
18 Lady Eleanor
19 Meet Me on the Corner
20 Rod Clements Intro
21 Train in G Major
22 Rod Clements Intro
23 Fog on the Tyne
24 Jackhammer Blues
25 John Peel Intro
26 Turn a Deaf Ear
27 Simon Cowe Interview [Edit]
28 We Can Swing Together [Extract]

Disc: 3

1 Meet Me on the Corner
2 No Time to Lose
3 Meet Me on the Corner
4 Together Forever
5 No Time to Lose
6 Alright on the Night
7 Meet Me on the Corner
8 Mandolin King
9 Poor Old Ireland
10 Road to Kingdom Come
11 Lady Eleanor
12 Drug Song
13 Country Gentleman's Wife
14 Passing Ghosts
15 Turn a Deaf Ear
16 All Fall Down
17 Wake Up Little Sister
18 Mandolin King
19 Court in the Act
20 O No, Not Again
21 Train in G Major
22 Lady Eleanor
23 Scarecrow Song
24 Meet Me on the Corner
25 Dingle Regatta

Disc: 4

1 John Peel Intro
2 Steppenwolf [Inc Short DJ Intro and Outro]
3 No Time to Lose
4 North Country Boy [Inc Short DJ Intro]
5 John Peel Intro
6 Roll on River
7 John Peel Intro
8 Taking Care of Business
9 Lady Eleanor [Inc Short DJ Intro]
10 Moonshine
11 John Peel Intro
12 Tow the Line
13 John Peel Intro
14 When the War Is Over
15 Taking Care of Business
16 North Country Boy
17 Dealer's Choice
18 Tonight
19 You Put the La_ on Me
20 In Your Head

Disc: 5

1 Brian Matthew Intro
2 When It Gets the Hardest
3 Alan Hull Intro
4 Woman
5 Alan Hull Intro
6 Marshall Riley's Army
7 Fog on the Tyne [Inc Intro]
8 Court in the Act
9 Lady Eleanor
10 Winter Song
11 Make Me Want to Stay [Inc Intro]
12 King's Cross Blues
13 Meet Me on the Corner
14 Ray Jackson Intro
15 Run for Home
16 Brand New Day [Inc Intro]
17 We Can Swing Together [Inc Intro]

Disc: 6

1 Richard Skinner Intro
2 No Time to Lose [Inc Brief Outro]
3 Court in the Act
4 Train in G Major
5 Alan Hull Intro
6 Love in a Cage
7 Bye Bye Birdie
8 Rod Clements Intro
9 I Remember the Nights
10 Woman [Inc Intro]
11 Alright on the Night [Fades w. DJ Outro]
12 Start Again
13 I Remember the Nights
14 Lady Eleanor
15 Warm Feeling
16 Stormy Weather
17 Meet Me on the Corner

Disc: 7

1 Stormy Weather
2 Living on the Baseline
3 Winter Song
4 Ray Jackson Intro
5 I Remember the Nights
6 Intro
7 I Must Stop Going to Parties
8 Run for Home
9 Fog on the Tyne
10 We Can Swing Together [Inc Intro]
11 I'm a Lover Not a Fighter
12 Winning the Game
13 Clear White Light
14 Run for Home
15 Fog on the Tyne
16 No Time to Lose

Disc: 8

1 Lady Eleanor
2 Everything Changes
3 Alan Hull Intro
4 Warm Feeling
5 Roll on That Day [Inc Intro]
6 Peter Gunn/Winning the Game
7 Old Peculiar Feeling
8 Alan Hull Intro
9 Karen Marie
10 Run for Hom
11 We Can Swing Together
12 Meet Me on the Corner
13 Fog on the Tyne
14 Loving Around the Clock
15 Sporting Life Blues
16 Checkin' on My Baby


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LINDISFARNE 'RADIO TIMES : LIVE AT THE BBC 1971-1990' 8 CD Set (28th April 2023)

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