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RELEASED 17th February 2023



Features MÖTLEY CRÜE’s smash hit Multi-Platinum studio albums:

  • Too Fast For Love 
  • Shout At The Devil
  • Theatre Of Pain
  • Girls, Girls, Girls
  • Dr. Feelgood 


LP1 – Too Fast For Love

A1. Live Wire

A2. Come On And Dance

A3. Public Enemy #1

A4. Merry-Go-Round

A5. Take Me To The Top

B1. Piece Of Your Action

B2. Starry Eyes

B3. Too Fast For Love

B4. On With The Show

LP2 – Shout At The Devil

A1. In The Beginning

A2. Shout At The Devil

A3. Looks That Kill

A4. Bastard

A5. God Bless The Children Of The Beast

A6. Helter Skelter

B1. Red Hot

B2. Too Young To Fall In Love

B3. Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid

B4. Ten Seconds To Love

B5. Danger

LP3 – Theatre Of Pain

A1. City Boy Blues

A2. Smokin’ In The Boys Room

A3. Louder Than Hell

A4. Keep Your Eye On The Money

A5. Home Sweet Home

B1. Tonight (We Need A Lover)

B2. Use It or Lose It

B3. Save Our Soles

B4. Raise Your Hands To Rock

B5. Fight For Your Rights

LP4 – Girls, Girls, Girls

A1. Wild Side

A2. Girls, Girls, Girls

A3. Dancing On Glass

A4. Bad Boy Boogie

A5. Nona

B1. Five Years Dead

B2. All In The Name Of…

B3. Sumthin’ For Nuthin’

B4. You’re All I Need

B5. Jailhouse Rock (Live)

LP5 – Dr. Feelgood

A1. T.n.T (Terror ‘n Tinseltown)

A2. Dr. Feelgood

A3. Slice Of Your Pie

A4. Rattlesnake Shake

A5. Kickstart My Heart

A6. Without You

B1. Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S)

B2. Sticky Sweet

B3. She Goes Down

B4. Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)

B5. Time For Change


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Motley Crue 'Crucial Crue : The Studio Albums 1981-1989' Splatter Coloured 5 x VINYL LP Set (17 Feb)

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