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Three CD digisleeve best of collection including all the hits and classic album tracks from the band’s breakthrough in 1969, up until 1978.

A1) Little Willy

A2) Wig-Wam Bam

A3) Block Buster!

A4) Hell Raiser

A5) Ballroom Blitz

A6) Teenage Rampage

A7) The Six Teens

A8) Turn It Down

A9) Fox On The Run

A10) Action

A11) The Lies In Your Eyes

A12) Stairway To The Stars

A13) Love Is Like Oxygen

A14) Fever Of Love

A15) Funk It Up

A16) Set Me Free

B1) Lollipop Man

B2) All You'll Ever Get From Me

B3) Get On The Line

B4) Funny Funny

B5) Co-Co

B6) Alexander Graham Bell

B7) Poppa Joe

B8) Peppermint Twist

B9) Tom Tom Turnaround

B10) Chop Chop

B11) New York Connection

B13) Be With You Soon

B14) Daydream

B15) Honeysuckle Love

B16) Need A Lot Of Lovin'

B17) You're Not Wrong For Loving Me

C1) Burn on the Flame

C2) Sweet F.A.

C3) Burning

C4) Rock & Roll Disgrace

C5) Lady Starlight

C6) Own Up, Take A Look At Yourself

C7) Man From Mecca

C8) Rebel Rouser

C9) Jeanie

C10) Lost Angels

C11) Solid Gold Brass

C12) Done Me Wrong All Right

C13) Into The Night

C14) Spotlight

C15) Midnight to Daylight

C16) Reflections

C17) Santa Monica Sunshine

C18) Sunny Sleeps Late

C19) My Generation


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SWEET 'GREATEST HITZ' (1969-1978) 3 CD Set (2022)

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